I think you may have made a few folks...

by Pepe7 - 6/6/13 7:53 AM

In Reply to: Bose vs Klipsch by MjL1201

...spill their coffee wink

Bose is revered? The truth is, this is about as false as can be. They are known howerver for selling the most overpriced, over-marketed, and lackluster sounding equipment compared to others in the same price range.

Go with the Klipsch, if those are you only choices. Avoiding a soundbar of any type would be preferable as well. Frankly though both of those you mentioned are overpriced for what they do. ($599 is steep for that Klipsch, without providing real speakers that they normallyl sell.) I would consider looking around for a simple 5.1 HTIB system on sale. Just don't use the rears, or add them later on when you get the chance. Onkyo sells some refurbished setups, and Amazon has some deals as well that aren't half bad.