Need help with Home Theater setup HDMI/optical/etc

by rmur23 - 2/28/12 12:05 AM

Hello - I'm sure these questions have been asked before but I'd really appreciate any input I could get in helping me set up my system.

I'd basically like to know what is the best way to setup my TV/Bluray/cablebox/receiver. I recently made the following purchases for a new home and have not yet configured:

TV - Panasonic Viera plasma P50ST30
Bluray - Panasonic DMP BDT110
Cable box - I will be getting verizon fios which likely will come with a motorola 7216 cable box.
Receiver/speakers - Yamaha YHT395BL HTIB

Based on trying to read through A LOT of info out there, this is the best knowledge I could come up with.

Cable box - HDMI video out - TV
Cable box - optical audio out - receiver (from what I understand, cable boxes do not carry as advanced audio properties as current blu ray players?)

Bluray - I am unsure here - From what I have read, you want to use HDMI for audio AND video as bluray has more advanced audio properties that HDMI cables pick up better than optical/digital.

In that case, does it make sense to run HDMI out from bluray to TV, then HDMI for audio from TV to receiver? Or from bluray to receiver, then HDMI video out to TV?

Should I simplify everything and run all the HDMI video into the TV, then HDMI audio from TV to receiver? Do I not need to worry about optical/digital at all? Will I lose audio quality if the blu ray and cable box are running through the TV first, then to the reciever?

Or similarly if I was to run everything into the receiver, then HDMI video out to TV, would that lose picture quality.

As you can see I could use some help! I would appreciate any info I could get.

Thank you.