Quality vs. Name Brand

by aallison1882 - 11/6/09 8:37 PM

In Reply to: More emotional garbage by Rdwidner

I agree that when shopping for TV's people can get the wrong impression of TV's just because they are sold beside another TV. There is definitely a difference between the TV's when you start researching them. Although, I don't know how much of a profit margin there is on a "house brand" TV compared to a name brand besides the volume sold. As far as return rate, that comes from just speaking to random people in Best Buy at all levels. I get a chance to speak to some of the store higher ups as I do purchase quite a bit of electronics from them... maybe too much according to my girlfriend. But your Best Buy insiders (I love how everyone has "insiders") must not be in a position that deals with the front line store processes because Insignia has one of the lowest return rates according to CR and actual Best Buy Store employees.

As far as Consumer Reports... umm... yes they do rate Insignia and yes Insignia rates very good compared to Tier 1 TV's as a matter of fact it rates better than most Tier 1 TV's and the only place it falls behind is on (again) the "extras" that no one uses anyway. But as far as PQ it rates up there with the best of them. So I would think that being the case that it would rank Insignia up there in the low to mid range Tier 1 as it rates better than all Sony Bravia's, most LG's, Samsungs and Toshiba's (the Tier 1's).

So a little about PQ... first off all it is Hz not MHz as your post says. A 60 Hz TV refreshes its picture 60 times per second. A 60 MHz would refresh 6,000 times per second. That being said, the importance of Hz is controlling motion blur. A 120 or 240 Hz TV refreshes many more times per seconds which leads to better picture control between frames. This is particularly noticeable on fast paced and/or CGI movies.

Now another thing that I didn't mention in my original post is Contrast Ratio. It is the TV ability to display different levels of brightness. The higher the ratio, the better you can see different shades stands out or see darker item against a lighter item (or vice versa) This is noticeable on dark films and space scenes.

And the last thing I will comment on is 1080P. 1080P is 1080P; it's the same as comparing one 8 Megapixel pic from one camera to the same 8 Megapixel from another camera. Every TV that is 1080P has the same screen resolution (1920 X 1080 pixels) to the untrained eye and the trained eye. Anyone who says there a difference in resolution is noticing all the other points that comprise PQ.

So now I invite you to respond with whatever you want. Mind you I have 4 flat panels (all different brands) and have done heavy research over the last 3 years in the process of buying all the TV's. What I've found is that people tend to think that brand name TV's are better quality simply because they are brand name (and normally this true). However, there are exceptions to the rules and Insignia is that exception in the TV world. So if you want a Tier 1 TV and want to save some money then buy an Insignia... if you can't get over the brand name thing, don't mind spending more money and maybe not actually purchasing as good of a TV then by all means go with the name brands. Just don't knock what you don't know about; do the research first.