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Is this thread still going? (LOL)

I'm comparing them to tier 1 because folks window shopping think the dollar savings can still buy them a comparable product. This is a false if you want anything besides something as a very basic replacement to the boob tube you had in the den for 15 yrs. Not the same thing as finding a slightly higher priced HDTV with excellent PQ.
If your goal is low budget and cheap, then be my guest. There's nothing wrong with that choice, it might not work for the same folks though once they wise up to what they've been sold down the road a little.

My understanding concerning Best Buy selling private label flat panels is completely opposite yours. The two insiders I know personally (hint- not hourly floor employees!) assure me that the house brands have a higher margin (which is typical), that makes them attractive to both seller and discount buyer given the much lower prices. Unfortunately they are also returned more often and have a greater failure rate. It's funny you mention Consumer Reports. They don't even rate Insignia since they know all too well from the data they have at hand that the failure rates and overall quality do not match up well with the top brands.

From your text below you seem to be insinuating that an HDTV with 240MHz refresh rate would effectively be the one with the better PQ?
Please comment on this.

Quoted:Pepe, Rd and Dan... you all are right in your own opinions. Insignia TV's are a Tier 2 TV and you all acknowledge that so why are you all still comparing them to Tier 1's? I don't think any of you understand what quality really is, so let me give you a little background. Quality is the lack of failure. So for a Tier 2 TV Insignia is a good quality TV with a good picture and average features. But to say it's not worth the cost... a 37" 1080p 60hz is 549.99 at BestBuy... the Tier 1's with the same features average 850.00 that's an Insignia w/ a Blu-Ray Player, a few movies and all the needed cables needed (HDMI, etc.). So if you want to spend the $$$ for the better "quality" TV go for it because all you have is a TV.

Talk to any BestBuy employee and they'll tell you that more Sony, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba TV's are returned for product defects then Insignias. So what does that say about quality? It says that even though the Tier 1's have more "features" (that no one really uses anyway) a slightly better picture (probably because most of them are 120 or 240 hz so they better have a better picture.) So why do they break easier??? Oh yeah cause according to Pepe and Dan they're better quality???

Now about Consumer Reports... CR has been in business for well over 50 years... how long have these other companies that rate products been in business or a better question is how long do they actually stay in business... normally just a few years. Why??? Because they tell people what they want to hear about the "High Quality" products while CR gives a more unbiased and actually tested review. The people who complain about the reviews are the ones who think that because it costs more it MUST be better. The car reviews are spot on when you look at the same car 3 years later. Car and Driver/Road & Track only give you the "right now" review... CR tells you the lifetime review. If you don't like the review then buy your LG and talk up the performance and return it when it fails 6 months down the road (oops... that review site failed to mention that). Or buy the cheaper Insignia, ***** about the slightly less picture quality, lack of features you'll never use and keep it for years.

The truth of the matter is I have 4 flat screens in my house and an old CRT in the garage. I had to replace my brand new Samsung 46" LED ($2400) after only 2 months because it failed. I have a 42" ($1400) Toshiba Regzia in the game room that looks crap unless all the lights are off. My 55" LG has a nice picture at 240 hz and it better for the $2300.00 I paid for it last year. As far as the Insignia... it's a 37" 1080p 60 hz that I put in the bedroom. I bought it 6 months ago for 549.99 at BestBuy and it's exactly what I expected, a nice picture (obviously not as sharp as the other 3 but they're all 120 hz or higher) supports HDMI and turns on and off when I tell it to. While, it wouldn't be the center piece of my entertainment center it is a quality tv.