KEF HTB2SE Subwoofer

by CTraff - 8/22/09 1:50 PM

I recently purchased a Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K amplifier and a KEF KHT3005SE 5.1 surround speaker system which includes an HTB2SE subwoofer. The specs for this sub can be found here:

When I got it all home and hooked up, everything seemed to perform as expected with the exception of the sub. I have cranked everything I can find that has to do with bass boost on both the sub and the amp to maximum and we still have to turn the system volume up fairly high to even notice that the sub is doing anything. I have tried all of the crossover settings from 80 Hz right up to 200 Hz. What might I be doing wrong? Any opinions? Advice? The room we are using it in is admittedly fairly large, but it's quite small compared to the AV dealer showroom we listened to them in before buying. Help!

Thanks in advance,