Le Sansa~

by GreenBit - 2/16/13 8:53 PM

In Reply to: Sansa! by 2TeckResearch

In the irony of it all, that's the EXACT one I got... Though, I do not understand the Rockbox part... The Sansa Fuze, contrary to what I thought it would have been like. It is actually very good in terms of simplicity, work-ability and ease of use. Though, I never actually use the "Sync" function. I like that it is Small and compact. Though, the only downside is that I wish I would be able to see a "percentage of battery life left" or "amount of time left for battery life" indicator, instead of the battery icon.. But all in all, it really is a great player. I purchased it 2 days after the original post and I am currently using it now...

Though, I was about to get the Sansa Clip+... But instead had the Fuze find its way into my hands... And I was not sure if it was good in comparison to the Clip+(since the Clip+ looked even more simpler than the Fuze).

2TeckResearch, Thanks for for giving me closure on my mp3 player, but what is this Rockbox?