sync Sansa m230 with Rhapsody

by topherdel - 1/11/06 7:40 PM

I purchased my wife the Sandisk Sansa m230. I subscribed her to Rhapsody To Go. She was able to download her subscription songs to the Sansa then it quit playing and displayed a sync notice.

Is there a way to sync the player and update the licenses with the library without removing and re-adding the songs? I am using the Rhapsody software.

I couldn't find a way so she removed the songs and re-added them from the library. This didn't work either. She still gets the sync notice.

I then thought since I turned on the option to download the songs to the computer when adding songs to the play list that it was putting songs on the Sansa from my library with out of date licenses. So I deleted a song from the library and re-downloaded it from Rhapsody then to the Sansa. Still same problem, Sync Notice. The Sansa manual says nothing on this message.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?