Terfyn -

by curlinggal - 4/13/13 3:02 PM

In Reply to: Video editor by Terfyn

Since your skill-set is so superlative to mine, let me ask you this - I have, in the past, created "photo movies", fading photos put to music, for both personal and professional (HS student) use....I'm thinking that with the new camera, I'd like to experiment next year, and blend pictures with some video (Senior trip, prom, graduation, etc.), and create a more substantive DVD that I could sell to seniors, defraying the cost of future yearbooks. Do you think it would be simpler on other programs than Windows Moviemaker? I have always used it because it's "stupid easy", but I'm open to trying something else if I use the new software for things such as what you were originally suggesting.

I am always in favor of using a product that can allow me to multitask, if I don't have to spend a million years learning to use it.