Video editor

by Terfyn - 4/13/13 11:08 AM

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Another thought. Many of the video editors have free "30 day trial" downloads. They can be quite daunting at first but (in the case of VideoStudio) there are often third party tutorials available. So it may be an idea to download a free trial and play with it.

Most video editors I have seen have very similar layouts. The working part (the edit screen) has a series of "timelines", a library area which shows all the video shots as thumbnails and a screen to show you the pictures. You will pull the video shots from the library to the timeline in the order you want and create a complete film with titles, soundtrack and any effects you put in.
For still photos of action shots you move through the video on the picture screen (using a cursor and mouse) until you reach an interesting frame. You can then get the editor to capture that frame as a still photo which is saved as a .jpeg file. You can get as many photos as there are frames if you want. An example may be a golf swing where you can get still pictures of each part of the golf swing for analysis.
There are two other main parts of the video editor. The "input" or "capture" windows which are used to bring the raw video into the editor and set up the library of thumbnails. At the other end there is a section used to burn your masterpiece to a DVD, send it to Youtube or another sharing site or save it to a file you can watch on your PC. All good fun!!
I have two VDUs connected to my PC. One is the standard screen and the other is a 16:9 screen. I can split the three bits of the video editing screen so I have the library and the timelines on my main screen and the pictures displayed on the 16:9 screen. (this means that what I see on my PC will look the same as the final video on my TV)
Perhaps you will have a go at one of the free downloads!