Stills from video

by Terfyn - 4/13/13 12:40 AM

In Reply to: Best videocamera for stills ($200-400)?? by curlinggal

-I would love to have the feature of taking 3-10 pictures consecutively, and understand that flash doesn't work with this feature. ( I use the camera with family and for taking yearbook photos [sometimes when subjects are moving].)
Look at a good video editor (I use VideoStudio Pro X6). This will allow you to take a frame from the video and create a still (jpeg) photo. This will give you the best range of "action" shots. The quality will be almost as good as the still photos.
The V-700 is good in low light conditions. Its replacement the V-720 is slightly better BUT you can pick up a V-700 at discount as they will be pushing the 720!