30+X optical with super bright night mode HD camcorder?

by zoomm786 - 4/25/12 2:28 PM

Hoping to spend less than $200 new. Not considering used cause of possible dust/scratch in lens.
Must have:
-30+X optical, the more the better.
-At least 720 hd
-night mode that gives a sort of night vision effect, not just regular low light video
-lens cap
-Standard sized
Hopefully combines clips in cam without hooking up to a computer

I have a Samsung HMX-f80 720hd 52X optical zoom. It has a night mode but needs to be in SD mode for that, and isn't the night vision-type night mode I want.
The night vision I want is from the Panasonic SDR-S50 I have, it's SD def, 78x optical zoom. It's not green like night vision, it's like photo night mode, when you take a photo in the dark and are like, whao, how did it light everything up so well!? I question the low light video quality of the Samsung I have seeing that it needs to be in SD to take low light video. I think they skimped out on everything to enable 52x optical HD for under $200.
I'd keep the Panasonic, but I don't want a SD def camcorder. It has so many more usable features than the 52X HD cam.

The specs usually say something like 'low light mode/lamp mode/night mode/etc" but that doesn't tell me if it's the night vision-like feature I'm looking for.