No Widescreen for Premiere

by murielhj - 5/28/08 8:07 PM

In Reply to: Premiere + Widescreen (and other stuff) by murielhj

So, I've searched and searched for a solution to this problem, but haven't found anything. Premiere isn't allowing the widescreen setting, even though I've sent all the MOD files through SDCopy and set the Premiere file to 16:9. It loads the footage as a warped 4:3 with black bars on the sides, filling the 16:9 ratio.

Windows Movie Maker handles the MPEGs fine - they import as widescreen.

Any ideas as to what I should try in Premiere, or is it hopeless for a Pro 1.5 user? I just really don't want to edit in WMM - it sucks. Perhaps there are suggestions for a "free" or cheap editor because I can't afford Pro CS3 right now.