Ken Rockwell info

by murrays - 3/23/13 10:50 AM

In Reply to: The Megapixel Myth by richteral

Ken knows his stuff and writes a very useful commentary. My question to anyone who can answer is - how do you get a meaningful evaluation of the lens quality of a consumer grade digital camera? The magazine articles show comparison images of the different cameras at varying enlargements. That's somewhat useful, but only applies to the cameras being tested in that article. Some lenses are much better than others and a detailed discussion of the lens qualities in such articles would be more enlightening than pixel counts.

I had a Panasonic Lumix several years ago (which got dunked in the ocean) with 5 MP which gave better results than my current Canon A710 with 7.1 MP. I attribute the difference to the lens (perhaps the processor and imaging software are as much responsible). The images were brighter and sharper. I'd like to know how one can choose with confidence before making a purchase at a given price point.