It is not card reader

by Kerberos84 - 3/5/13 4:43 PM

In Reply to: Card Reader by snapshot2 Moderator

Windows 7 PC.

When I copy files from card to a folder on my desktop the photos are ok.
I can view them with windows gallery or Canon photo software dpp. There is No damage.

But when I copy them to my external drive;
- And open them with windows gallery some images get corrupted.(I compared the files before corrupted and after corrupted with a hex editor and see there are some different parts in the file).
- but if I open them with canon software there is no damage. (They shouldn't be opened with windows gallery)

These are the things I found out during last 3 hours.
Now it seems the problem is windows photo gallery software which comes with the win7.
Or some virus/malware infected it.(but I have done antivirus search with Avila and comodo, no antivirus found)

I am really confused now