New Camera

by snapshot2 Moderator - 1/8/13 8:03 AM

In Reply to: looking to buy a new camera by truckmechanic

Concerts - Most concerts do not want professional photographers taking pictures at their concerts.
So they do not permit any camera that looks like something a professional might use (DSLR or look alike cameras).

Point and shoot cameras do not do well in low light so results will be disappointing.
Video mode will appear better because the smearing is less objectionable in video.
But digital camera Audio is usually poor if you are trying to capture music. Loud sounds will cause distortion, and likely all you will hear is the drum. So for music, I suggest you use a camcorder with good audio ability.

To keep the camera from taking a picture of a fence instead of the animal will call for some action from the photographer. The camera will usually try to focus on the nearest object. If your camera permits, use manual focus. The quick solution is to point the camera in a different direction and focus on something that is the same distance away as the animal. Press the shutter button half-way down and keep it there, that sets the focus. Now swing the camera around to the animal behind the fence and press the shutter button the rest of the way down to take the picture. You then get a sharp focus on the animal and not the fence.