Looking for a good concert camera?

by Justine383 - 5/3/12 5:43 PM

I've been looking for a good concert camera for a few months now and have it narrowed down to two choices- the sony cyber shot hx9v and the hx200v.

I had a sony cyber shot h10 for about 4 years before the flash stopped working on it so this is going to be the replacement. I definitely want to buy a better camera than what I previously had.

My main concern with the hx9v is the flash placement. It just seems to me that it would break easily, in fact I read one review stating just that. I also read that some people were dissatisfied with the photo quality, but another review went more into detail about this saying that if you print 11x14's or less that this camera would work fine for that, which is primarily what I'd be printing.

My only real concern thus far with the hx200v is the camera size. The quality and zoom seem fantastic, but a friend of mine mentioned that venues may take this camera as a "professional" one and not allow it in.

So opinions, advice? Has anyone had either camera and been satisfied or dissatisfied with one or the other?
Should I look at a different camera altogether? I already disregarded the canon powershot sx40 due to the lag time between shots and because it isn't great on action shots.

I would also be using this camera for vacations, small trips, that kind of thing but overall concerts is my main concern because I have a smaller camera that works for everything else.