Corrupt jpg files in Win 7

by 2wTebo - 8/4/11 7:34 AM

In Reply to: Corrupt/discolored jpegs by bloodpoet

I have the same problem. I happens to files that I have not opened, edited or even viewed thumbnails of. It only happens on both of my Win 7 machines, but not on my XP machine. I have tried many different viewers when I first noticed the problem, thinking maybe one of the viewers was corrupting the files. Then I noticed that even using the Win 7 viewer, I was getting corrupted photos. I've had it happen to jpg as well as png files. Some times the thumbnail will show a pic with the bottom half a solid gray, and when I open it, the full size pic is fine. Other times, the thumbnail look fine, but when I open it, the bottom half of the pic is solid gray. I've also had corrupted .pspimage from Paint Shop Pro.

Some times the pics will open and just have a large or small portion of the pic a solid gray, and other times I get an error message from whatever program I'm trying to open the files in, that says something like "file type not recognized." or "unsupported file type." etc.

I have started burning all my pics to DVD right off the memory card, before even trying to view them. But I have lost hundreds, maybe even thousands of pics to this problem.

I see lots of posts about this problem and lots of people experiencing it, but I have not seen any solutions yet. There has to be one! I think the real problem is that anything MicroSoft is just plain crappy software. But if anyone hears of a solution to this, other than getting a Mac, please share!