Lithium-ion vs. AA Batteries

by speedbird2 - 7/1/09 6:08 AM

In Reply to: I wanted AAs for my p&s camera by Joliet Eddie

I disagree about the life span of lithium-ion batteries. I have been using the same Canon Lithium-ion battery for over 2 years and for over 80,000+ shots and it still takes about 600 shots or more without needing a recharge. On the other hand, my friend has a new Nikon Coolpix which uses only "AA" batteries and he complains that after using for a while taking home videos, the batteries go dead so he must buy new batteries every few days. I'll stick with the lithium-ion. I remember the old NiCad batteries for my first camcorder. Even after taking a full-charge, they developed memory problems and they went dead after 5 minutes. Batteries have come a long way.