Fed Up

by Eagleeye2008 - 11/9/08 7:27 PM

In Reply to: S2 issue resolved through BBB by verticalcobra

My camera sent to Canon for the same problem. They wanted 190.00 to repair it. Told them to stuff it. Tried the opening and closing of the battery door around 30 times on 3 seperate occasions. It worked. But there is always a but. When I am in sunlight all I can see through the view finder or lcd screen is bright white. Something must be wrong with the aperture. I don't know.
He is the letter I recieved from Canon regarding the blank screen problem...
Thank you for your E-mail inquiry regarding your PowerShot S2 IS.

I am sorry to learn of the difficulty you have encountered with your camera. We have determined that the service bulletin mentioned in your e-mail occurs on a limited number of Canon PowerShot & digital video models. Your PowerShot S2 IS is not subject to this potential malfunction as such, the no charge repair program described in the advisory does not apply to your situation.

If you would like to obtain a second opinion we invite you to forward your camera directly to an authorized repair facility.