No Way I ever want touch screen

by krezkey - 5/1/13 3:31 AM

In Reply to: Poll: Would you buy a touch-screen PC? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

I can't see any usefulness, all I see coming from using them is 1: back strain 2: arm strain 3: shoulder joint pain and massive eye strain from having the screen within touching distance. What happen to all the warnings and training about sitting correctly at your desk and keeping the monitor at a proper distance, so not it give the user back strain and headaches from eye strain.

I for one hate finger prints and smears on my screen or even other screens, like when I got to friends homes to help them with something on their system.... be it desktop or laptop or god forbid the TV. It makes me sick to have to look at what seems to be snot smeared all over a screen and even worse trying to see whats on screen under the smears..

I have a touch screen phone and I am always wiping the screen protector off...I wish I would have went with a old style flip phone now instead of a stupid touch screen phone. I guess if you want it on a phone fine, and you need it on a tablet, but I will NEVER buy a desktop or laptop/notebook touch screen.

I hope these screens and Windows 8 end up like to old pet rocks of past silly days........forgotten and thrown away.