Not ever for a desktop,

and almost certainly not for a laptop/notebook.

I did see one piece of software back in the '80s on 086s, HP had a wonderful DOS-base flat-file, can't remember its name now, that had touch capability on the special HP touch-screen monitors you could buy. The interface was a Rolodex, and touch (poking the screen) would work most tasks. You still needed the key-board, but. Oh yes: it was the only truly bullet-proof software I have ever seen: I tried hard to crash it by telling it to do stupid nonsensical stuff, but it simply sat and beep-sneered at me.

You actually had to poke at the screen, although you could "poke and drag" with some effort, but truly the keyboard--or a mouse if you had one--was a better way to go.

And that sums up my attitude to "touch" on PCs now. The screen is vertical, the movements are unnatural, and as kd5 says, just look at the gunk on the screen. Bear in mind that current desktop screen techology is soft and breakable, unlike the CRT displays of yesteryear.