Why fight it?

by feduchin - 4/30/13 6:07 PM

In Reply to: Poll: Would you buy a touch-screen PC? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

They will all be touch in a couple of years anyway. Actually I wouldn't go out and search for one, just that when they come I will use them like anybody else.
The fact is the PC is usually almost out of reach so touching the screen with one's hand waving in the air might be rather inaccurate and even something one can't be bothered with, but like anything, we would get used to it.
It's a similar situation to the keyboard/mouse argument around twenty years ago. Look at it now, everyone uses mouses (not mice, they run around on their own..) without a thought. Mind you there are still simple things that are much quicker with the keyboard, such as cut and paste, and save and close program [contr+w]