Newbie - Design Strategies Needed

by goodgenie4u - 4/28/12 6:43 AM

2I am 66 retired and want to attempt building a non gaming computer, one that will last until it needs to be upgraded by me. I am not a geek, so unnecessary complexity that does not result in survivabilty, relaibilty, upgradeability (marginal costs as time passes) is of little interest. Need strategies for a budget around $700.

(A ) Desktop case
(1) that allows for free flow of air and some sort of washable filter for the fine dust that the eye cannot see.
(2) Is a bottom or top PSU better Why?
(3) Not a big fan of lights that pierce the darkness of my bedroom / workspace in my condo.

(B) Motherboard, CPU That love each other
I am aware of tomharsdware site. How do I zero in on the combo that is best for me? I would like to build starting in Oct/ Nov 2012. Should I wait for emerging new platforms?

(C) I live in Toronto, Which is /are the most cost effective and reliable places to source all components? Should i stay with one source?

(D) What can I expect to pay an expert to assemble my computer? Any tips on reliable but inexpensive ways to do this?

Thank you