need newer mobo + CPU

by hankster08 - 4/3/12 1:51 PM

In Reply to: When I see this one by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks anyway, but the unit you suggested was out of stock, plus it was only a P4. I have found an ASrock 4coreDual-SATA2 + Intel core2Duo E6700 2.66ghz 1066mhz 4mb (plus sink/fan) for $111. Assuming it all works, I can still use the Radeon 4650 HD AGP8x and my DDR 2gb. Sure, I'd love to upgrade all that, but$$$. I never torn down to the mobo so we'll see how this turns out, maybe wasted $111. 2 techs told me they THOUGHT it was the mobo, if its the PS or something else I'm screwed. Going to list the old 478 CPU for a few bucks -hey, I bought one.....sum1 else might!!