USB devices cause BSoD

by rcmtbh - 3/31/12 1:30 PM

After a virus last year, I was able to get my XP computer (Dell Dimension) to operate without a full re-install of XP. However, now whenever I try to connect any USB device, I immediately get the dreaded BSoD. I am able to plug in my Epson NX100 printer to one USB port and that will work, but if I try to connect a USB hub to the same dice. This completely makes it difficult to plug in a mass storage device so I can download some important documents before re-installing XP. Also, since the printer functions ok, I am reluctant to experiment using the device manager option to turn ports on and off since it is difficult to know which port is connected to what device, for fear of losing my printer capability. Been using a laptop, but want to get this PC fully functional now that I have some time. Anyone have any ideas?