Resolved question: What would be the best setup for my SLI config?

by Shanetm - 3/18/12 9:29 PM

Hi, just need a little advice here with my setup. I have two GTX460's, one with an MSI HAWK TWIN FROZR II cooler and another that is just a standard one fan PNY card.

The problem right now is I have the MSI in the top slot which with its two fans blows all the heat onto the PNY raising its temps much higher than its own. (I realize this is always the case with bottom cards in general)

Would it be wise to re arrange how the cards are so the MSI is on the bottom since it can handle the heat and shake it off better or not?

The heat is not really threatening to the card, but the noise from the PNY is quite irritating. Any advice is appreciated, thanks