Which one should I choose?

by elee10 - 3/13/12 1:46 PM

Ok so i'm buying my first gaming pc today and I need help deciding between 2. I know these arnt custom builds, just tell me which one you would pick and why. I will mostly be playing games such as Skyrim, BF3, WoW, TF2. Also I will be using photoshop and after effects alittle here and there.

1st comp:
Inspiron 620
Intel Core i5-2320 Processor
3ghz processor speed
Quad core
6GB DDR3-1333 RAM (Expandable to 8)
1TB 7,200 RPM

I would add this card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (non ti) 1GB GDDR5
830 MHz core clock speed
eXtreme Power Plus 500 Watt ATX 12V power Supply


Dell XPS 8300
Intel Core i7-2600 Processor
3.4 GHz
turbo boost up to 3.8
8GB DDR3-1333 RAM
Upgradable to 16GB
2 x 1TB 7,200 RPM
AMD Radeon HD 6770

Which one would you choose for gaming and photoshop. I would also like to be able to upgrade stuff such as the case, graphics card, processors, and other stuff.