Computer shutdown

by Qtzzz - 2/21/12 3:29 PM

My computer is randomly shutting down.

Sometimes it restarts multiple times before even getting to the desktop,I've tried starting it in safe mode, First time I idled in safe mode for about 20 minutes with no shutdown, Then I started it normally and played WoW for 20-30 minutes and then it shutdown again, And then it kept restarting during the booting process, during the startup repair, One time the startup repair completed, Entered desktop and then shutdown again.

Then the startup repair said that I could restore my computer to a previous working state, So I did and it set it back 2 days, Still shutting down

My friend told me to check the event viewer, So I started it in safe mode and, Shutdown like 2-3 seconds after I clicked on event viewer..

Then my friend told me to enter BIOS and let the computer idle for a while, And if it does not shutdown it's probably an OS issue, And it hasn't shutted down yet, 5 minutes and counting in BIOS..

So, Im wondering if it's 100% OS issue, I dont want to reformat my computer if it doesn't fix it.

(I already checked the temp, It doesn't get any warmer than it did 2 weeks ago)