Holding down the Power Button for four seconds or more...

by luckylanny - 9/17/11 10:21 AM

In Reply to: Power Buttons Aren't Power Buttons by Droid

Holding down the Power Button for four seconds or more will not harm your computer or your files, folders and programs. Windows will consider it "a disruptive shutdown" because "the computer was not shut down properly." Since the shutdown was not proper, when your computer restarts Windows will take you to your Function Key (f8) window, which contains the many ways you can restart your computer, including several Safe Mode options.

Always select "Start Windows Normally" and you should have no further problem for the time being with whatever caused you to use the Power Button in the first place. (Freezes, etcetera.) There is really no reason to shut down your computer in this manner unless you are having big-time problems with Internet Explorer, Explorer, Yahoo Mail, Sidebar, Adobe and/or other high-CPU-usage programs.