What a pain!!! :S

Hi Janet,

Unfortunately I can't think of a reason this would have happened, and without being able to look at the computer myself, I can't recommend many solutions. If I were to take a wild stab in the dark guess, I'd say that there is a problem with one of the Drives (the one that won't read discs) and it may require replacement and you might be experiencing slowness in the other drive as a result of DMA mode somehow being disabled. You can check if this is the case by performing the following instructions.

If you are running Windows XP:
1. Click on the start menu and place your mouse over the My Computer icon and right click it, then select properties.
2. Click on the hardware tab on the top and then select the button that says Device Manager in the options below.
3. Expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers options by double clicking on it.
4. You should now see ATA Channel 0 and ATA Channel 1 amongst other devices. Right click on ATA Channel 0 and select Properties. Now select the Advanced Settings Tab up the top.
5. Do either of the devices have PIO only selected? If so, change it to DMA if available and select Ultra DMA Mode 2 in the box under it.
6. Select OK at the bottom and repeat from step 4 onwards, this time selecting ATA Channel 1.
7. Now Restart your Computer and cross your fingers happy

With any luck, that may have helped to speed up the really slow DVD ROM Drive. If for some reason, it's not function now, try following those steps again and select Multi-Word DMA Mode 2 instead of Ultra DMA Mode 2 (some ROM's don't support Ultra).

I was going to post instructions for how to do it in Vista also, but I've run out of time. Post back and let me know how you go. Let me know if you have Vista and I'll repost with instructions for it happy Also, if DMA is already selected for all devices in device manager, then don't change any of the settings. Only follow those changing instructions if PIO only is selected on one of more of the devices.

Good Luck