Dual Monitor for Dell XPS 8300 HELP!!

by CindyRedO - 4/27/12 9:03 AM

I am trying to setup my dual monitors on the new Dell 8300. Video card is ADM Radeon HD 1GB DDR3. It has DVI, HDMI and VGA ports. My two older Dell monitors only have VGA connections on them. First monitor hooks up fine directly into the VGA slot. Serious issues with the second monitor:

First I tried a DVI-D to VGA connector and the machine would not even see the second monitor.

Next I tried a DVI-D to HDMI to VGA connector, the machine now sees the second monitor but I am not getting anything on the monitor...it seems like it wants to receive the image but it is not.

I have confirmed that the second monitor works just fine. I was running these same two monitors on my older XPS just fine.

I spent 5 hours on the phone/chat with Dell last night with no real solution. They suggested I get an HDMI to VGA cable. But when I call around to local computer stores they say this will not work.

Does anyone have a solution. These two monitors are in great shape and I do not want to replace them. The reason I made this purchase is the video card said it did support dual monitors and VGA and DVI.


Thanks so much!