multisession dvd reads ridiculously slow in win7

by matt r - 4/13/12 12:32 AM

win7 multisession dvd reads ridiculously slow
never had tried formatting a dvd as multisession i know why

burned it last night on a win7 home edition pc (single layer dvd)

trying to read it on my win7 enterprise of the files copid fine..normal speed..with the other 3, windows explorer gets slower and slower and finally justhangs, the progress bar changes from green to red

i tried to find something via google about this and no luck

any ideas? thanks much

BTW i used the windows 7 burning wizard to format as multisession (where it says "use disc as a usb drive" or something like that...yeah, what a usb drive...took about an hour to burn 4 gb of data, now i cant read it)

***DVD drive is an ASUS DRW-2014L1T ATA

***ISObuster not working. After attempting extract from disc, it simply flashes a dialog for a split second and does nothing.

Found a free app called bad cd dvd reader. When I try to make a copy of the disc it crashes the program. It doesnt really amtter because I dont think it is recognizing the multisession disc.