ASUS VE258Q or HP 2511X?

by EZInfo - 3/8/12 6:48 PM

Which is better in terms of color accuracy, viewing angles (yes, I know both are TN panels, but still...), etc - the ASUS VE258Q (matte) or HP 2511x (glossy)? I've seen the HP in a store and it seems pretty good, but I'm not sure if the glare will be an issue. I haven't seen the ASUS, but I've heard they're good for gaming (keep in mind that I also care about color accuracy quite a bit, which my Acer S231HL is absolutely AWFUL at compared to all the other monitors I've seen, though I'm not willing to spend the money for an IPS panel and although I can get a 23" IPS panel for the same price as the 25" TN ones I listed I want something bigger). What do you guys think?