Maybe I did not give good informations

by mysonshusband - 4/18/13 3:51 AM

In Reply to: Since you by R. Proffitt Moderator

Again, thank you Rob. You don't have to fear. I will tell more about my problem. Just believe me, I know what I said. I could not turn on the Apple firewall because of some reason: I did not have the password of the laptop. The laptop was mine. I gave to him one years ago (I am not sure about the time. I don't remember well). So he put a new password. A few months ago I took back the laptop. And you know you can turn on it if you have the password. Yesterday I reinstalled the laptop and I did it. And why I told you I am being spied because when I took back the computer I saw in the computer he uses the software to protect the computer from keylogger. But after that I don't know how he removed the software and I saw another software: it can save all key you use on computer (I forgot the name). I really don't know how because my room always closes. Maybe he have a key and can open the room or he did something from wireless (we use the same wireless at home). I am sure the software to protect from keylogger was removed.
2 years ago someone had read all my email. When I knew it. I tried to read how to protect my email and I use 2 steps security. After that my phone sometimes gave me the code to open my email while I did not open my email at that time. Really I was angry but I was not sure who could do it. One day, my phone rang, at the same time he came to the living room (he is intelligent. I used it then he came to the room to show he did not use his computer). I tried to test . I rushed to go out my room then quickly walked towards his room. You know he was very very fast to came back to his room. I just smiled and turn to came to the kitchen which is infront of his room. He could know any password I used on my computer.
Maybe I did not use good informations to show and ask everyone here, so it is not easy for you and everyone to know what happens. I just want if someone can help me. I really don't know much about it. Thanks.