by daddyv09 - 3/26/13 9:37 PM

In Reply to: Are you sure that's MB? by R. Proffitt Moderator

its megabits, dont know of a provider that that pushes megabytes, though i seen an article earlier that was saying that the FCC wants 100Mbps as a household normal by 2020. With Docsis 3.1 they are claiming 10Gbps is capable.

I have tried several channels and only way to set bandwith is with the intellistream stream option, which did nothing when i used different values with it. I think my router is just cheap and isnt very effective on throughput via wireless.

Like is said, wired to the router i pull about 98Mbps, wired straight to the modem is about the same. Using wireless with 6ft of the router with nothing by it that would cause much interference (every electronic device puts off EMF how ever small it may be) im only getting 38Mb. Now i know some speed is expected to be loss through the wireless transmission, encryptions and security, but a 60Mb reductions seems to be overly excessive. I have done speed test on several multiple devices, using multiple test services and multiple servers to run the test and all results come up with close to same speeds for wired and wireless as i previously stated.

Think I may just pony up some money and get a new router, possibly 802.11ac since manufacturers are saying it has much faster throughput than 802.11n.