wireless network connections hit and miss

by siberian52 - 5/24/12 9:26 AM

I have rest a free-standing network to connect 8 laptops. new dir835 router. 2 laptops are using windows 7 and the others are XP. There is no internet connection, I just need the client-server connection to work. One of the W7 laptops is the server.

All show wireless connection to the network, but only 3 will talk to each other. 2 are W7 and 1 Xp. the others are Xp.
The kiosk client has come up on 2 of the netbooks, but will not work on the others because of some network block. The wireless connection appears to be good to this network when i look at the problem netbooks.

What could be blocking the connection on some of the netbooks?