VLANs tagged and untagged

by CrewM - 5/16/12 6:21 AM


I am introducing new setup in my company, like on the image .
Yellow part is current setup, green is future.
Now I have plain normal not segmented LAN - Legacy LAN.
New setup have Cisco switch, NETASQ router, Blade chassis with Nortel Layer 2 switch and Blades with VMWare ESX.
I would like to make smooth migration of legacy server farm to new virtualized environment.
In new setup I will introduce VLANs. The plan is after the migration to retire Legacy LAN and Legacy server farm.
For purpose of smooth migration, I am making the setup like connecting legacy LAN and EXT6 port on Nortel.
Everything is configured like on the image above.

When the cable with X is not connected I can reach to and from anywhere and from, with the help of routing
I can not get as the cable X is disconnected.

When I connect X cable on EXT6, I can get, but routing "is
gone". I can get and interfaces on the router, but not or and everything in VLANs 10 and 60 is not

Any ideas what is wrong and how to investigate the problem. The problem
is VLAN configuration on Nortel switch or routing on NETASQ?

Many thanks