SAMSUNG 46D8000 TV-wireless network problems

by strangevine - 5/4/12 4:11 PM

I am having huge problems connecting wireless on this TV. It should have wireless built-in to the TV, but I'm not having any luck. I read all the forums and still no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. I've summarized the issue below as well as listed everything that I have tried:

SUMMARY: I select network settings on the TV and select wireless(general) for connection type. It then displays a message saying it is searching the wireless environment, and then after 10-15 seconds, the message disappears and it goes back to the network connection selection menu. In other words: nothing happens. I get no listing of available networks. no option to manually add a wireless network....nothing. I live in an apt complex, and there are tons of routers around and it doesn't display those either. I'm thinking I may have a defective TV.

The wired connection works just fine and they TV does display a MAC address.

I have AT&T uverse service with a 2wire3801HGV router.

what I have tried:

1) lowered router security from WPA2TPiK/AES to WPATPiK
2) ensured that SSID broadcast is turned "on"
3) placed my router within 6inches of the TV
4) tried every single wifi channel from 1-13, including the least traffic channels of 1, 6, and 11.
5) turned on MAC filtering on router and manually adding the TV's MAC address to the list of approved addresses. when this didn't work, I turned off filtering.
6) reset the TV to factory defaults
7) reset wireless router
8) tried connecting on WPA2 (AES)

Right now, I am going to try unplugging the TV for 20 minutes in hopes that somehow that will work.

I am thinking I have a defective TV, but any help this forum can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks much!