Buying 3G wireless router or hub to setup a home network

by d_pesios - 5/3/12 4:59 AM

Hello everybody,

I would very much like some advice on buying a special gear to setup a home network through which I will share an internet (3G) connection. I'm quite a newbie in such things so be patient with me happy

The specs, lets say, of the gear I would want to buy are as follows:
1. Accept a SIM card and connect to a 3G mobile network through which internet will be served
2. Having an interface to setup both a wired or wireless home network to share the 3G internet connection mentioned above
3. Also accept a PSTN (fixed not VoIP) telephone and make calls through the 3G network as if it was the regular one.

Well, to tell you the truth a friend of mine did a search and came up with the following products
This one and another one.
What do you think of those ? Is there another product to suggest ?

Thanks in advance.