Wireless Router

by mypad36 - 2/11/12 2:53 PM

In Reply to: Internet keeps dropping out, please help! by routerProblem

It could be a couple things. First of all how is your router setup? does it automatically connect to your modem or did you have to manually assign it an IP address? Or It could be your router, not that it has an issue but that it just isn't able to handle all that your network requires.It might just be getting overloaded with devices. Many wireless routers will only support 16 devices at a time. It could also be how comparable your devices are with the signal you router is broadcasting. I had 2 older laptops that always dropped my wireless connection because they didn't like the frequency of my router. There is a apple airport router that supports 50 devices at a time and broadcasts wireless N and G. That might fit your needs. I personally don't love working with apple products but this router isn't too bad.