GiFi - Latest research in wireless technology

Researchers of Melbourne University has come up with a wireless technology which promises high speed short range data transfers with speeds of upto 5 Gbps within a radius of 10 meters. The new wireless technology is named GiFi operates on the 60GHz frequency band, which is currently mostly unused. The GiFi Chip developed by the Australian researchers measures 5mm square and is manufactured using existing complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology, the same system that is currently used to print silicon chips.
The best part about this new technology is its cost effectiveness and power consumption, it only consumes 2 watts of power for its operation with antenna(1mm) included and the development of Gi-Fi chip costs approximately $10( Rs 380) to manufacture.

In theory this technology would transfers GB's of your fav high definition movies in seconds. So GiFi can be considered as a challenger to Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi and could find applications ranging from new mobile phones to consumer electronics.

Sujas Ali | Aabasoft | Infopark | Kochi | India