Samsung owners start here.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 1/15/10 6:50 AM

"Networking and you. Or the generic setups that we use."

I see a lot of folk struggle with networking and while there is no magic bullet and no one to teach networking there is hope.

1. Please read
At least one member fixed it and while I wish they had followed the CNET Networking Forum preferred solution, at least they are up and running.

2. If you want to discuss networking in general head over to Cnet's Networking Forum at;f06-fd

BUT be ready to be pointed to that forum's sticky almost everytime since it is the preferred setup that works in most setups. The sticky is at;forum-threads

3. Now I'll ask a favor. While you can ask why WEP doesn't work the problem is that it's not the preferred setup which PudgyOne and others use all over without too much trouble. What favor? Don't ask why WEP is not working.

4. The forum sticky is not complete. If you have range issues or dead parts it won't fix that. But it has cured so many setups that we hope you can use it to fix your setups.

For example a new development is that we find we have to set those new N routers to be G routers for some gear. Again, feel free to ask why but you may not get a great answer.

Hope this helps a few of you,