Setting up a wireless print server with your printer

First start with your wireless router.

Update the firmware(manufacturer's website/make and model)
Broadcast SSID(If changing the security, use a new SSID name to make it easier to connect.)
Use WPA security

Use channels 1,6 or 11. These channels work for most devices.

Now setup the wireless print server(adapter).

Plug in the USB cable to the wireless print server and your computer. Insert the wireless print server disk and follow the instructions. It will prompt you for type of security and passkey.

Everytime you change the security, password, etc. on the wireless router, you'll need to also change the wireless print server.

Now insert your printer disk into your computer. Choose network. Choose using a wireless print server. Find your printer and follow the instructions.

Insert the printer drivers disk into each computer on your network.

You should no be able to print, scan, fax and copy.