Linksys Wireless-Range Expander WRE54G

by PsychGen - 11/17/07 10:34 AM

After fighting to get a Belkin Wireless G router to locate my Linksys WRE with no success for a week. Even following the quick install On the installation CD. I reset the WRE to factory defaults. CAT-5'd the wre to the router, The router must already be configured, Security, etc. Press the auto config button, waited till I got two steady blue lights. The only 'problem' with this Config, The WRE takes on the SSID of the router, Indicating The router and the WRE are one in the same, which makes sense linked.

Step 1: Get your network stable and secure before adding The WRE54G.
Step 2: Cat-5 the wre54g to the router. Power Wre on.
step 3: the wre is wired to the access point through the CAt-5
step 4" Press the auto config button on the WRE. Whait till you have two staedy blue lights. The WRE is now congigured to your network, Security settings, everything.