Amen Donna

by prmath - 10/20/07 11:55 AM

In Reply to: Myth vs. reality: Wireless SSIDs by Donna Buenaventura Moderator

SSID security is a pain in the tee-hiney. I NEVER ever WEP a customer unless they request me to do so. I understand a business or a crooked politician needing security, but common folks like us really don't need that much security........but make sure the firewall is on.

Do I care if anyone else uses my signal? Not no...but heck no! Most WI-FI routers can handle many connections without a problem. If you are so chinkey that you worry about your signal being used, then you need to go hide under the bed.

If you are not WEP'ed, any new computers or your friends will have no problems at your house..........I B Gone