Problem: Network Shared Folders not competely going away

by grapeapeceo - 12/18/06 7:23 PM

I have a small home LAN with about eight PC all various versions of XP. On just about every computer, I turn on FIle sharing and create a number of shared folders. Over the last year or so, I've "unshared" various folders and added new ones. All PCs are on the same workgroup.
I also have many other devices on the same LAN (e.g. 5 tivos, 3 xboxes, 3 internet cameras". I have Verizon for internet and it is al connected through a Dlink router.

It seems like when I unshare them, they still show up when I view "My Network Places" on other computers. Of course, they are not
accesible, but now each PC has a ton of listings of "shared folders" that are not longer shared. My guess is the PC is not erasing the entry that is
being broadcasted on the LAN". Is there anyway to fix this?