There is an issue

by Willy - 3/25/13 8:57 AM

In Reply to: It's not the enclosures by biisama

The plain fact, once you reach beyond 2.2Tb or there about the OS has issues. Which is why newer ext. cases provide a h/w fix to address above the 2.2Tb limit. At the same time, those i/f chips are released at certain dates which may infer "reversion levels" plus the PC has to acknowledge what its dealing with. Once you change the parameters, the PC has to re-initialize it and then acknowledge or similar terms. Two things are happening to make it work above 2.2Tb. Under 2.2Tb, the OS handles this entirely w/o the special h/w involved, even using the same i/f chip. The point being once the i/f chip is accessed and address above 2.2Tb is needed, it kicks in its specialized fix. From what you've provided, everything is working as it should. What happens if you keep the cases with 3.0Tb(once initialized) drives and swap among PCs? If it fails then, RMA them. Think of it as a marriage of sorts, they have to remain together. However, your swapping cases should one fail, then you see a foreseeable problem that occurs due to above 2.2Tb limits. So, using any other brand HDs may not help, as this transgresses HD themselves it's part of the OS side. As for cases, then picking *maybe* a better brand not Rosewill may help here, as cheap is cheap. Checkout NAS type cases and all it implies as an idea.

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