Move the page/swap files to another drive

by rgknott - 3/16/13 8:04 PM

In Reply to: My Mistake! by webserf

I should've mentioned, if you have two or more physical drives installed in your computer, you might want to move the page/swap/hiber files to a partition residing on a different drive. This will alleviate your concern about wearing out the SSD with paging activity. It should also help balance the workload and improve performance on systems without any SSD. Particularly if the different drive you specify is also on a different channel. This will save valuable storage space on your SSD as well, since these files can be quite large. Look at your drive's hardware properties, and the SATA port layout for your motherboard. The BIOS settings you can access during boot will also be most helpful and show you the drive and channel information. You may find that you would have to plug one of your drives into a different SATA port on the motherboard to get them to be on separate bus channels, but it is all easy to do.