Just waiting for the brackets.

I tried installing a SSD in my Aurora R4 a few months ago, but do to the UEFI setup Dell uses there was no software I could find at the time where I could boot from the CD to do a clone from my hard drive to the new SSD. A clean install of Windows 7 was possible, but that's not the way I wanted to go.
Things have changed now and there has been software developed for what I want to do. Guess other people ran into the same problem I did.
I have a Kingston 200V+ 240 gig SSD that came with no adapter brackets so that's all I am waiting for to install the SSD.
I have friends that do pretty much what I do that have SSDs in their computers and the difference in speed is amazing to me.
As for the so called poor longevity of the SSD, that doesn't bother me that much. From what I have read, Windows 7, which I have, likes the SSDs much better than Vista or XP did.
Shall see in a week.