I am planning on buying an SSD in the near future.

I'm still running Xp Pro but built this computer to be Win7 64 bit compatible. I will be buying Win7 Pro 64 bit very soon, while I can stoill get a copy. I then am thinking of buying an 80gb SSD for a boot drive. I'm planning to install the OS and my application programs on it and keep my 500gb Barracuda for data. My plan is to get a pair of 2gb Enterprise class HDDs (kudos to Lee for the HDD white vpaper) to run in a striped RAID behind the SSD for the data. There are over a TB of video I want to save and a month's subsdription to the website is $40 and I don't want to pay twice, lol. If needed I have room for another pair to run striped for data also. Before getting the 2nd pair I will be dropping a 3.0 Phenom Black quad-core chipset in and upping the RAM to 8gb. I'm thinking of moving the swap file to the SSD at that time. If I end up using the swap file very much I can add 8gb more if I think I need it. I will also be getting a better, ActiveX 11 video card with 1 or 2 gb RAM to take that load off the system RAM. That will be about as far as I can go with this computer. Then it will be time to begin acquiring the parts for my Mark II computer, lol.